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When it comes to sporting good companies, there is something to be said about ones like Brunswick that have been around forever and consistently produce quality products and continue to set the standards. Brunswick bowling balls are a safe smart choice, but even better, Brunswick makes some of the coolest designs we've seen, perfect if you want to make a statement at your next league night.

Probably the most exciting innovation from Brunswick is their new ConneXion coverstock which has been 18 months in development. Created to give you the sharpest skid-snap reaction ever produced by Brunswick, and we can tell first hand - it's no lie. This is a great new innovation which comes with a new flagship ball - the Brunswick Wild Ride.

The Brunswick Wild Ride brings the proven medium RG Torsion Asymmetric core into the High Performance price point. This core/coverstock combination allows the Wild Ride to skid easily through the front part of the lane, dig in aggressively at the end of the mid-lane, then stick strong to to the back-end providing powerful traction hooking action off the break point. The ConneXion coverstock together with the familiar Torsion Asymmetric core is like chocolate and peanut butter. I think you know what I mean -we love this ball.

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