Hello Kitty Bowling Ball

Not for the dudes! Ladies - Get your Hello Kitty Bowling Ball Now!

Konichiwa! You will love your Hello Kitty Bowling Ball Vis-A-Ball long time... At the bowling alley or on display in your office or home, this is one of the most bad-ass designs available!

Brunswick Bowling makes the Hello Kitty Bowling ball featuring Hello Kitty on a pink background [as shown above]. The coverstock for this ball is a composite plastic. No lane specifications for this model, so if you're on a dry lane or an oily lane, don't worry... you will still look cooler than anyone else.

The cool thing about the Hello Kitty Bowling Ball is that Brunswick has gone all out with the accessories on this one. You can also get the Hello Kitty Bowling Ball Bag, and the Hello Kitty Towel. With a fully tricked out Hello Kitty Package, you're going to be the pinkest chick at the party, and in case you weren't sure - pinker is better.

Expect to pay about $110.00 from top online retailers. Customize your Hello Kitty Bowling Ball by specifying the weight you prefer and buy from a store that offers drilling protection.

And thats all we got to say about that! I mean, what else can you say about a pink Hello Kitty Bowling Ball? It frickin' kicks ass!


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