Great Deals on Morich Bowling Balls

Bet on yourself next league night with Morich bowling balls and get "MoRich."

I'm not even going to apologive for how bad that pun may or may not be.

Let's talk about the newest innovation in Morich bowling balls: the Awakening asymmetrical core design and their all new Vigor Reactive Pearl cover.

The Morich Craze Bowling Ball

The Morich Craze Bowling Ball brings these two new innovations together to produce - as they say themselves - their most "hookingest" ball ever. The great thing about this ball is that all the hook is on the back end - skid throught the front end of the lane, pick up traction in the mid-lane and hook over 3-5 more boards on the back end than you're probably used to.

The key to all that back-end hook is the Awakening asymmetrical core combined with the new Vigor coverstock. Morich have really taken a big step since the Morich Frenzy, and you're going to be impressed with how responsive this Morich bowling ball is compared with others in the same price range. A solid choice for serious to semi-pro bowlers.

The Craze is built for heavier oil conditions. Players with higher ball speeds and players with less hand will love this ball.

Expect to find the Morich Craze for about $140 from top online discount retailers.

Morich Bowling Balls

Morich bowling balls range from about $60-$140 online. Other models you might want to check out ranging in price from highest to lowest are the Morich Frenzy [predecessor to the Craze], Morich Mojave Reactive, Morich Ntense Lev RG, Morich Lev Response, Morich Solid Lev RG, Morich Awesome Revs and the MorichSpecial Edition Spare.


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