Roto Grip Bowling Balls

Choose from a wide selection from Roto Grip Bowling Balls.

Roto Grip has taken bowling alleys by storm accross the country. Design and innovation are core values from this up and coming company. You will be on the vanguard with a Roto Grip Bowling Ball.

We are featuring the Roto Grip Golden Globe Bowling Ball because we love it. Featuring the Atmosphere Polyester Clear Polyester coverstock, this is a great dry lane ball with a cool, understated but elegant design.

The Roto Grip Cell features the Cytoplasmic Solid Reactive Coverstock and Nucleus asymmetrical core. This is a solid choice if you bowl on lanes with a heavy oil pattern. Built to maintain a continuous hook and high differential from lane to lane. Get it in turquoise, navy and black.

The Roto Grip Rogue Cell is one of the more high performance choices, featuring the Cytoplasmic XL Reactive coverstock which gives the highest lane friction response values ever achieved by Roto Grip. Solid and Pearl blended coverstock will generate the most consistent hook, from release to impact. Under the hood the Rogue cell is driven by the already proven Nucleus Core for more power and maximum impact. Like its predecessor the Roto Grip Cell, the asymmetrical core is the same technology that won the Cell "Ball of the Year" in 2008.

Roto Grip offers a wide selection of bowling balls ranging from $80–$130 from top online retailers.

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