Skull Bowling Balls

You will scare the sh*t out of the other team with a skull bowling ball.

There are a few different skull bowling balls out there. Our favorites are the Ebonite Skull Bowling Ball [featured in our header] and the Cranium Pearl Skull Bowling Ball.

Lane Hawk makes the Clear Snake and Skull Bowling Ball, which is also kind of cool and has some potential to "strike" fear into your opponent.

Elite Bowling makes the Elite Skull and Cross Bones Bowling Ball which features a "jolly roger" style skull and crossbones in white on an all black polyester ball. Hardness rating of 80-82, hook potential: 25, length 225, breakpoint shape: 30. This is a good ball to get for fun... but not so much for your pro tournament.

Brunswick makes a polyester skull bowling ball with an outlined white skull and crossbones on a black polyester bowling ball. Your most inexpensive option for about $55.00 at discount retailers online.

OnTheBallBowling makes several or more skull bowling balls. chekc out the Skull king model, Skull Shield model, Skull Iron model, Comic Skull model, Winged Skull model, Baby Blue Skull model, Skull Dagger, Screwed Skulls model and Cool Skull model. We here at like the OnTheBallBowling Skull Bowling Balls for their uniqueness and variety. If your're looking to separate yourself from the pack a bit and look like you might ride a Harley. Expect to pay about $130.00 or so online from top discount retailers.




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