Storm Bowling Balls

Unleash a Storm on the competition with Storm bowling balls.

Since 1991 Storm Bowling Balls have been knocking down pins around the globe. After quickly becoming recognized, Storm built a new manufacturing plant in 1992 and became a true force on the bowling scene.

The Newest Storm Bowling Balls to look for are the "Reign," the "Furious" and the "Fast." Just three of the flavors you can pick from. We're serious - each ball has its own flavored scent!

The Storm Fast Bowling Ball

The Storm Fast bowling ball was built to stay up to speed with newer oils and lane treatments. The new Fast features Storms Reactor R2S coverstock. This upgraded coverstock will get you pleanty of bang for your buck and lots of hook in the back end. expect performance from the Storm Fast that you would have to pay a lot more for from other manufacturers. Available from 10-16 lbs with a cherry fragrance.

The Storm Reign Bowling Ball

The Storm Reign bowling ball is the latest from the long running Thunder Line [15 yrs +]. This new ball continues to offer great price to performance ratio. Featuring the R2S Pearl Reactive coverstock and available from 12-16 lbs with a cinnamon fragrance.

The Storm Furious Bowling Ball

The Storm Furious bowling ball offers big hook for the money. The newest model from the Hot Line, the Storm Furious features the R2S solid reactive coverstock and the Turbine core. Available from 10-16 lbs and with a grape fragrance.

The Storm Virtual Energy Bowling Ball

The Storm Fast Bowling Ball is your secret weapon on medium to heavy oil lanes. Mid-lane control with explosive back end response is the hallmark of this much talked about ball from the Premier Line. With the Shape-Lock core and R2X coverstock, which blends the perfect combination of solids and pearls, the Storm Virtual Energy is something most of us havent seen before. Available from 12-16 lbs in a Pear Berry fragrance... Mmmmm... I love the smell of Pear Berry in the morning.



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